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Northern Interior Community Assn

NICA also places great importance on community engagement and empowerment. They provide opportunities for residents to get involved, contribute their skills and talents, and actively participate in community decision-making processes. Through workshops, training programs, and volunteer opportunities, NICA encourages community members to take an active role in shaping their neighborhoods and creating positive change.

Prince George ,Canada

Northern Regional Construction Association

As an NRCA member, you gain access to a wide range of valuable resources. These resources include educational programs aimed at enhancing professional skills and keeping members up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices. The NRCA also offers advocacy initiatives, actively working to address issues and challenges faced by the construction industry in the region. By representing the collective interests of its members, the NRCA helps shape policies and regulations that impact the industry, contributing to a favorable business environment.

Prince George ,Canada

M Hawke And Associates Notaries Public

Estate planning is another area of focus for M Hawke and Associates. They can assist clients in creating important legal documents such as wills, powers of attorney, advanced health care declarations, and representation agreements. These documents are crucial for ensuring that an individual's wishes are respected and their assets are managed appropriately in the event of incapacity or death.

Prince George ,Canada

Le Cercle des Canadiens Fran├žais de Prince George (CCFPG)

CCFPG also organizes various cultural events and celebrations throughout the year. These events showcase the vibrant French-Canadian heritage and offer a platform for artists, musicians, performers, and community members to come together and share their talents. Festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, and culinary experiences are just some examples of the cultural events that CCFPG may organize.

Prince George ,Canada

Independent Contractors and Businesses Association

Collectively, these industrious individuals contribute to the development and growth of every aspect of our province. From massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants that power our energy sector to towering condominium buildings that shape our urban landscapes, from bustling hospitals that provide essential healthcare services to quaint rural farmhouses that preserve our agricultural heritage, they are involved in building every part of our diverse communities.

Prince George ,Canada


The Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) in Prince George is a local chapter of the national organization dedicated to representing and supporting the residential construction industry in the region. The association serves as a collective voice for home builders, renovators, contractors, and related professionals in Prince George, British Columbia.

Prince George ,Canada